Thursday, May 7, 2020

Prism Knit Socks

I'm getting so much sock knitting accomplished during stay-at-home orders. Alex and I have been watching The Wire (neither of us had seen it), so socks are perfect for knitting while also paying enough attention to remember the names of the bazillion characters.

I wanted to support small businesses during this time, and this yarn was one I purchased for that reason.

Pattern: Cuff-down, my own pattern; the stitch is garter

Of course Nietzsche always has to get in the photo somehow. I couldn't tell if he was trying to see what was going on or if he thought I was going downstairs to feed him and wanted to follow me.

The cool thing about Birch Dyeworks is that if you find a color you like, you can order it in any weight. The yarn is dyed to order; that means it takes a little longer, but it's great if you're ordering multiples for something like a sweater since everything can be in the same dye batch.

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