Friday, May 22, 2020

Vintage Fablique Hanging for Sewing

This was one of the gems found in my great aunt Maude's sewing stash. The kit was made by Coats, and the copyright on it is 1978.

It's intended to store sewing supplies, but I'm just using it as a decoration. It seemed easy enough at first, but it had a lot of little details that made it take longer than I thought.

My tomato looks kinda sad, but I already have so many pincushions that I don't intend on using it as one. In fact, rather than Velcro it to the panel, I just sewed it right on.

The basket required very light quilting. If I use any of the storage spaces, it will probably be this one.

The marketing materials were still with the rest of the kit. This clown made me feel scared to go to sleep. Why is it called Have Fun? This is not fun. If my mom had hung this in my bedroom as a kid, I would've refused to sleep in there.

Even the innocent dolls kind of creep me out.

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