Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sunny Bunnies Embroidery

I usually get an itch to embroider at this time of year. Embroidery is portable (though I'm not going anywhere these days), and it doesn't make your legs all sweaty like knitting does.

I started working on Sunny Bunnies last year but never finished it. I'm finding a lot of gratification in completing quicker projects, and it's even better if they have been hanging around unfinished for a while. I'm so happy to add this one to my wall.

Pattern: Sunny Bunnies by cozyblue
This pattern is perfect for practicing your satin stitch. I started with the small dark leaves at the bottom first, thinking that mistakes in that dark color won't be as noticeable as the bright flower at the top center. My satin stitch got better and better as I stitched.

While I still need to keep practicing, this turned out so much better than I thought it would.

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