Friday, August 9, 2019

Adiantum Knit Sweater

This sweater was in my Ravelry favorites, but I wasn't planning to make it until I saw some amazing yarn on sale at Black Mountain Yarn Shop that was perfect for it. So I moved it up in the queue.

After working on Alex's For Fox Sake sweater, I was looking for something pretty simple. This sweater did the trick until I got to the yoke. If you're thinking about making it, don't try to watch TV or socialize while you're working on the yoke. It's a wee bit complicated, and it doesn't help that I was reading the chart from my phone screen.

Pattern: Adiantum by Kelly Ordemann from Pom Pom Quarterly, Issue 28: Spring 2019
Yarn: YOTH Yarns Little Brother in Kale and Portabella