Monday, April 13, 2020

Alex's Birthday Cake Socks

This month is Alex's birthday. I don't have to tell you why that sucks. We usually have a party at our house for his birthday, but this year his band Modern Strangers was going to play a show for his birthday. We were all looking forward to it.

With the show cancelled, we're still figuring out a fun way to celebrate. I started working on these socks with yarn from my stash that Alex had picked out a long time ago. I finished them way earlier than I thought I would. With staying home during the pandemic, I've been able to work through a lot of my old yarn. That feels nice.

Pattern: My own cuff down using hurdle stitch
Yarn: Araucania Huasco Sock in Guacamayo

I used the same stitch and pattern that I used for my purple ombre socks. I love this stitch because it's so cushy and squishy.

The color pooling is so awesome with this yarn. I love how it changed after I turned the heel. It's like little lightning bolts.

I love how the Eye of Partridge heel looks with this yarn, too. If this yarn holds up in the wash, I'll definitely use it again.

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