Monday, September 26, 2016

Knit Socks to Commemorate Our Wedding

I like to commemorate practically everything with some kind of knitting. So when Alex and I got married in Savannah, I picked up some sock yarn so that I could make us sorta-matching knitted socks to pay tribute to the special occasion.

What should impress you most is that I finished these socks just three months after we were married. Miracles do happen.

I wanted a sock that was a little bit lacy and had an interesting edge on the cuff. Alex just wanted a pair with a cool texture. Here are the patterns I chose, along with the yarn details:

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Free Patterns for Knitted Gift Card Holders on Craftsy

I'm sorry, but we have to talk about the holidays.

I'm so thrilled to be a part of Craftsy's just-released holiday knitting guide, A Knitter's Handmade Holiday! You'll find all kinds of goodies in there like one-skein gifts, kit ideas, tips, and even a shortbread recipe. Most importantly, you'll find inspiration to get started on your holiday knitting now.

Check out pages 10-11 for tips for knitting on the go from me and fellow Craftsy blogger Kathryn Vercillo. On pages 26-27, you'll find my knitted gift card holder pattern along with several different variations from the Craftsy team.

Download A Knitter's Handmade Holiday for free here!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Crochet Giant Doughnut Floor Pouf

It's rare that I see something I want to make and then get started on it immediately, but that was totally the case with this Giant Donut Floor Pouf.

I spotted the Giant Donut Floor Pouf on both designer Twinkie Chan's Instagram account, as well as on Lion Brand's page. I showed it to Alex, and we both agreed that our living room needed it. Bad.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What My Crafty Friends Made Me For My Wedding

Having crafty, creative friends is rewarding in so many ways. They're always up for a craft night, they can help you with project troubleshooting, and when you get married, they make you super awesome gifts.

Alex and I eloped, so there was no formal celebration. As a gift, my sweet crafty friends took turns stitching on this fabric to create a collaboration that makes me want to both laugh and cry at the same time.

Each person contributed something to the hoop. It was fun to try to figure out who contributed what. Sally, for example, is a pom pom fanatic, so I immediately knew the two pom poms were her creations. (She added the "yarn floozie" button, too.) Sonali is constantly beading, so she added the little cluster of beads near the top. Krista stitched the cute little rhino and added other cool fabrics. Erica added fun embellishments like the rickrack, while Tara stitched the glitter hearts. Liz added the embroidered flowers and red French knots, and Stephanie painted the hoop, plus added the purple crochet flower with the Paul McCartney button on it. 

What can I say? My friends know what I like.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rainbow-Pooping Unicorn Cross Stitch

You're about to see what's probably one of Alex's favorite things I've ever made. (Yes, he likes it even more than his Doctor Who TARDIS socks.)

We bought a house and moved in March. Once we got everything settled, we noticed that our bathrooms were missing something. Something that's not very classy. Enter the rainbow-pooping unicorn!

I am a big fan of potty humor, and by that I mean that I giggle about poop like a 5 year-old. Alex found this pattern on Etsy for me, and we knew it was the one.

Pattern: Unicorn Pooping Rainbow by Crazzzy Stitch on Etsy

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Alex's Waffle Rib Socks

It's summer, and yes, I'm still knitting socks. It's like an itch that I just have to scratch or I'll go crazy.

I can't help it. Socks are so portable, and if you find the right pattern then you don't even have to look at it very often. It's perfect for traveling or when you're feeling lazy and don't want to concentrate too hard.

My latest sock knitting project is a pattern that I just stitched to make my own Waffle Rib Socks. Alex really liked my socks, so now he and I have twin socks. Sort of.

(It's not that Nietzsche wants to be in all our photos. It's just that when we go outside, he sticks close to us.)

Pattern: Waffle Rib Socks (FREE pattern on Craftsy)
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Alegria in Malvin (75% superwash merino, 25% polyamide)

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Moon & the Mountain Knit Shawl

Clearly, hot summer weather doesn't stop me from knitting.

I needed a little break from knitting socks, but I didn't want to spend any money on yarn at the moment. So I dug into my stash and found the yarn to make this soft, beautiful shawl that I spotted on Craftsy.

Pattern: The Moon & the Mountain (also available as a kit on Craftsy that comes with both the yarn and the pattern)
Yarn: Cloudborn Superwash Merino Bulky in Grey Heather and Ocean

I like this pattern because once you get the stripe repeat down, you just have to refer to a handy little chart to figure out how far over to begin the Ocean stripes. The shawl worked up pretty quickly, and it was a nice project to work on while watching TV. (I watched the Tom Petty Running Down a Dream documentary on Netflix while I worked on this. And yes, the documentary is four hours long. So worth it.)