Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tootsie Cuff Bracelet

Oh, the jokes we had in college.

In a recent post, I shared photos of the Hall and Oates coin purse I made for my friend. What I didn't tell you is that there was a bonus gift in that package, and it came in the form of....


Who doesn't love Dustin Hoffman in drag? He walks in heels better than I do, and judging from the poster he also has better curves than me. Self-esteem, deflated.

Tootsie's lovely mug -- torn out of a magazine -- is protected by vinyl, just as I did with the Hall & Oates coin purse. The actual sewing of the bracelet was just tucking some ends (heh heh... tucking) and then top stitching around the edges. I finished it off with help from my friend Jessica's snap pliers, which are on my craft wish list now and work way better than the one I have that requires hammering.

This is a really fast and easy project. Start tearing photos out of your magazines now and see what kind of insanity you can come up with!