Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Crafty Travels: Fabric and Yarn Stores in Savannah, Georgia

I've just returned from an amazing trip to Savannah, Georgia, that included spiked slushies, an education on architecture, and of course a few new craft stores to add to my list of favorites. Visiting Savannah? Get your craft on with these fabric and yarn stores. (Just don't go in there after you've slurped those spiked slushies. Bad things can happen to your bank account.)

Fabrika Fine Fabrics

If the embroidery hoop wall art doesn't suck you in, the cute fabrics will! I loved every single yard of fabric in this store, from sewing-pin prints to adorable animals.

After you drool over the fabrics, swing by The Book Lady a few doors down. Their selection of craft books isn't great, but they have plenty of other categories, including a sweet Flannery O'Connor section.

The Frayed Knot

The Frayed Knot has some beautiful sample projects on display so you can really feel some of the yarns feel when they're knitted up. Drop by on Tuesday or Thursday nights for their weekly craft and crochet groups. I picked up this pretty trio of Cascade Cherub Aran Sparkle when I was there, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Shawl, perhaps?

If you're a movie buff, eat at Laurie's next door where scenes from Forrest Gump were filmed.

Measure: A Fabric Parlor

One of my favorite parts of Measure was the super cute sign. I just happened to spot it on our way to tour the Mercer House. This fabric shop has a nice selection of leather and apparel fabrics, plus some really cute trims.

Shout out to my patient travel companion Alex who accompanied me to all these stores without any complaint -- and even got pretty excited over some of the fabric.

Know any other good Savannah craft stores? I'll put 'em on my list for the next trip.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Make a Finger-Knit Necklace

I'm totally devoted to my knitting needles, but sometimes you gotta try something new. Enter finger knitting!

Finger knitting is similar to loom knitting, and it creates knitted objects in a snap -- especially when you use super bulky yarn. Check out my finger knitting tutorial on Craftsy to learn how to make this cute finger-knit necklace!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Organizing Yarn Scraps

Ugh. Spring cleaning. I get as far as washing my duvet cover and that's pretty much where it ends. But this year, I decided to include some hefty craft organizing in my spring cleaning. Organizing yarn scraps is one of my biggest problem areas.

My solution? I came up with this scrap yarn organizer that makes a pretty display -- and a great organizer.

Want to make one of your own? Check out my Craftsy spring cleaning post for this yarn scrap organizer and ideas for donating yarn you're not using anymore. Let's clean up those craft spaces!
And if you don't launder your curtains this spring, I won't judge you.