Wednesday, August 26, 2020

V-Back Speckled Knit Tee

I have soooo many sock yarn scraps, so I've been trying to knit socks with the full skeins and use the other scraps for stripey projects--like this one!

Pattern: The V-Back Tee by Jamie Hoffman
Yarn: (from top to bottom) 

Junkyarn Smooth Sock in Fleur and Candace

Nice & Knit Fingering in Shoal and Driftwood

Rock and String Creations Super Sock in A True Rarity

Friday, August 7, 2020

Rhinebeck-Inspired Noelle Knit Sweater

 I saw a sweater sample hanging in the booth of Birch Dyeworks last year at Rhinebeck Yarn Bazaar. Overwhelmed by all the choices there, I passed up the opportunity to buy the yarn for the sweater.

It was so crowded that I couldn't even get near the sweater, but my knitting BFF, Sami, got close enough to see the pattern name and colorway on the sample. (She's the best.)

I kept thinking about this sweater, as one does, and I had some major regret about not buying it. So when the pandemic started, I ordered the colorway from the sample, and then I paired it with yarn from one of my local LYSs, Echoview Fiber Mill.

Noelle Pullover by Handmade Closet
Yarn: Echoview Fiber Mill Lapidary in Selenite and Birch Dyeworks 80/20 Sock in Mango