Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More Stripey Knit Socks for Alex and Knitting in the Car

Socks are that pattern that I always have going on in the background in addition to another bigger project. Usually those socks end up going to Alex.

Recently, I went on a ladies' road trip with my friends to Hilton Head, SC, for my friend Cat's birthday. I always bring a project, but right now I'm working on a cardigan that I'll probably only get to wear one time before summer. I knew my fellow knitter Sami would be knitting on the trip, but I didn't want to bring that huge sweater with me. So I started some travel-worthy socks instead.

Pattern: I made one up! Basically a P1, K4 ribbing across the top of the foot, toe up, short row heel.
Yarn: The Fiber Seed Sprout in Acorn

I bought this yarn back in the fall at SAFF. I had seen a couple of other socks using this yarn that had a cool zig-zag pattern. See how the stripes were a little crazier up at the top cuff where I did the K1, P1 ribbing? I'd like to try another pair with a different stitch to see if I can get the colors to pool differently.

Here's my little sock in the sand. When I look at these socks, I'll always remember that I got a sunburn while I was knitting them, even though I had on sunscreen. Sigh. #RedheadProblems

When I first started winding the sock yarn, my winder broke and this mess happened. I had to cut the yarn, which I hate doing. It took soooo long to untangle the remaining mess.

Something interesting that has happened in the last few years: I used to get car sick even if I just looked at the floor for a few minutes, but I notice on our trips to NYC and on this trip that I can actually knit in the car, which is awesome. I'm not sure if something changed or if it's because I don't have to look down the entire time I'm knitting. Either way, I'm happy about it!

Can you knit in the car, or does it make you feel car sick?

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