Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Free Pattern: Knit Marled Seed Stitch Cowl

A few winters ago, I taught Alex how to knit. He made one scarf in garter stitch, then sent it to his mom. She got very excited and asked him to make her a seed stitch cowl using this yarn that she chose. But he lost the knitting fever, and he never made it.

I came across the yarn a few months ago. So this year for Hanukkah, I decided to make the cowl and give it to his mom. Both he and his mom had forgotten all about it, which was clear from the look on her face when I gave it to her!

Pattern: Marled Seed Stitch Cowl (my own design). Download it for free on Ravelry!
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Pure Alpaca in Magenta and Grey (Two strands held together)

If you're a fan of alpaca, this yarn is lovely. It's pretty affordable, it comes in many pretty shades, and it's really really soft. I loved working with it.

According to The Knit Show, which I've been watching on and off as I'm knitting, marled yarn is a big trend right now. You can buy marled yarn, of course, or you can just combine two different colors like I did here.

Enjoy the pattern, and be sure to upload your photos on Ravelry if you make it!

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