Monday, October 31, 2011

Knitted Pumpkin Hat

You know much I love the Wacky Baby Knits book. It's Halloween, and I broke the book out again to make another hat.

This is possibly the last time I will torture my niece with a hat this calendar year. (She already has a headpiece for Christmas. I'll share that one later!) I love the way the purls in the pattern make the pumpkin look more realistic.

I was also thinking that if you skip the ribbing on the band of the hat, you could stuff it, sew it up, and make a cute little fall decoration from the pattern!

My niece and nephew went with a storybook theme this year dressed as a little pig and a wolf. Hopefully the pumpkin hat will stretch to the Thanksgiving holiday so she can wear it more than once!

Happy Halloween!


  1. omgosh can you just stop with the cute baby pictures posting already! I want to chomp on their cheeks!!! ok that sounded a little wrong but they are so coochy-cooie adorable!!!!

    and that pumpkin hat is so cute! here's an idea for you if you'd like to try: make the pumpkin into a drawstring bag (idk how to do it, but i can totally see it as a bag!)


  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! lol those are so so cute!!! Love that photo :)

    -rachel w k

  3. Ok Ok I don't know which I love more! the pumpkin hat or the kids!


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