Monday, October 3, 2011

Felt Flower Heart Wreath

It's around this time of year that I feel super droopy and upset that summer has left me. It's a rough transition. I went from using daylight hours to bike and hang out with friends to dragging myself home after work to a dark hallway full of dead plants and spider webs.

My hallway needed a real pick-me-up, and I've had my eye on the Felt Flower Wreath from Little Things Bring Smiles for a while.

Here's my version! (I'll spare you the photos of the dead plants and spider webs.)

What I used to make this project:
Grapevine heart wreath from Michaels
Blue and purple felt
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Disappearing ink pen
CD (for tracing)

Here's how I made the flowers:
I followed Katie's how-to pretty closely. Trace circles onto the felt using a CD and a disappearing ink pen. Cut out the circle.

Begin to cut your circle into a spiral.

The finished spiral will look like this:

Roll it toward the center to form the flower.

I used the excess felt at the end to seal the flower and make it stick to the wreath more securely.

Hot glue!

Hot glue your flowers to the wreath! I would suggest arranging them before gluing to make sure you're happy with the color combinations and placement.

What I liked about this project:
It didn't take a lot of time, plus the supplies didn't cost more than $10!

What I didn't like about this project:
The pieces of the grapevine wreath kept falling off. I'm worried that the flowers are not going to stick!

What I listened to while I made this project: M83

What kind of little touches do you put around the house when it gets cold?


  1. You gotta love the HOT GLUE GUN! greatest invention since sliced bread! that is such a cute DIY idea too! one more craft to bookmark for the new house! YAY!

  2. this is rilly cute! i've maxed out on felt this week, but i'm pinning for later!


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