Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Clothing Swap Tips

Since I moved to New York, financial and spacial restraints have pretty much put a stop to shopping for new clothing. My solution? Clothing swaps.

When I hosted a Singer Sewing Party back in May, a lot of the guests were using sewing machines to alter their clothing. My friend and I decided that a combination clothing swap/sewing party was inevitable.

Everyone at the party went home with a hefty bag of "new" stuff. My personal favorite find was a vintage emerald green velvet blazer! Big pimpin'. We ended the party with -- to my downstairs neighbor's disappointment -- a little Wii Dance-off.

It's easy to host your own party with your gal pals, even if everyone doesn't wear the same size!(And Wii Dance isn't a requirement, but it sure does make the party a lot more fun!)

1. Set up a sewing machine for guests. There will be a lot of different sizes, so you want people to be able to alter clothes on the spot.

2. Organize! Make piles around the living room for shirts, pants, accessories, and dresses to keep everything separated.

3. Designate a changing area. I use the bedroom, but offer the bathroom to the more modest guests.

4. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors! Make sure you have at least one full-length mirror in the changing area.

5. Pass around books for inspiration. I used Little Green Dresses and Megan Nicollay's Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-Shirt reconstruction book.

6. Provide munchies. Munchies are not only yummy, but they will keep the guests rotating from the trading room to the kitchen so no one gets swap burn-out! I like to keep it simple: cheese, crackers, hummus, chips, fruit.

Ever hosted a clothing swap? Have tips to share?


  1. i'm keeping this idea as a raincheck for when you move to NC! think about fabric swap, or book swap too! *excited*

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