Friday, October 21, 2011

The Fascinator

On what was probably the hottest day of the summer, I rode my bike to Third Ward in Brooklyn and took a fascinator workshop.

I don't know where I'll wear this thing -- maybe a swing dance? -- but creating it was fun. I have a million ideas for other designs. This means I'll have several fascinators lying around and nowhere to wear them. But that never stopped me before! (See my extensive collection of hats, even though I'm rarely seen wearing a hat.)

The fascinator was made by lining a teardrop hat frame with three feather pads. I made the blue flowers from one large artificial flower that I ripped apart, and added three rooster feathers to give it some height. I also sewed some tulle just under one of the flowers.

I felt like the fascinator was a little dreary in color, so I bought some purple sew-on stones from M&J Trim, which I then hot-glued to the flower. Shortcut!

What I liked about this project:
The design possibilities are endless.

What I didn't like about this project:
Sewing things to the hat frame was a pain, especially since I was sweating so much and the needle kept slipping. If you're sewing one of these, use a really sturdy needle.

What I listened to while I made this project: my sweat drip onto the floor... and maybe even onto the fascinator. Ewww.

So whadya think? Where should I sport this crazy thing?


  1. you should wear it to the grocery store and watch all the weird looks you'll get! I like how it looks, what a fun accessory :)

    -rachel w k

  2. You should spot it everywhere!
    Or maybe incorporate it into a Halloween costume this year? Go a little vintage :)

    Simply, Melissa Ashley


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