Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To-Do: This Week's Projects

The last post about the projects I wanted to finish went pretty well, so I thought I'd hold myself to it again. Here are a few things I'd like to make this week:

1. Baby Watermelon Hat
It's obvious by now that I'm gearing up for a visit to see my niece. When I get there, I'd like to have a couple things to torture her with, like baby shoes and large hats. I will take her picture in them, she will give me an evil look, and then she'll take a bottle and forget all about it.

My mom found this watermelon hat online, but it was sold out. I think it'd be easy to make my own pattern for it:

2. Ruffle Pillow
I'm in love with the felt ruffle flower pillow I made a few weeks ago, but I want another one that's softer so I can lay around on it while I'm watching Monk marathons on Netflix Instant. I want to make one like this out of my ginormous red Maker Faire volunteer tee shirt from last fall.

3. It's a Secret... For Now
Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous is sponsoring a handmade gift exchange! I've already met my lovely exchange partner, Martha from Minnesota, and have something in mind to create for her. I don't wanna spoil it, so you'll just have to wait until after Martha receives the gift.

Let me know if you fancy anything above, or what you're working on this week!

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  1. that pillow seems fun (so do Monk marathons!).

    i think this week i'm going start an apron. idk.


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