Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Top

A big woo-hoo for finishing projects! A few weeks ago, I blogged about a few projects that I wanted to complete. This is one of them! And it's complete! My goodness.

This summer top was part of Sew, Mama, Sew's summer tutorials last year. I immediately fell in love with it. (You, too? Get the free how-to!)

Finding a fabric for this was easy. My great aunt, who still sews at age 91, has a bedroom full of plastic bins and they're overflowing with fabric. Heavenly! For this top, I chose this light cotton. It doesn't show sweat stains AND it has blue flowers. Win-win.

I did make a few adjustments to the pattern. I brought my side seams in a little after the initial cut because I looked like a hot-air balloon.

The boatneck was choking me, so I dipped it down a bit in the front and sewed the shoulder seams a little wider so I could wear this top to work and not look like I was trying to pick up dudes. (I AM in fact trying to pick up dudes, but not at work. Bad idea.)

Making this has inspired me to also try it as a dress with a shirred waist. There's definitely no shortage of fabric in my stash to make one!


  1. was it an easy project to tackle? i've always been daunted by shirring and elasticized thread... good work on the boatneck top! i really like the fabric!

  2. It was really easy! And the shirring was way easier than I thought. I practiced a little on scrap fabric before I tried it on the shirt. One tip is to wind the elastic fairly tightly around the bobbin. I made mine too loose the first time and it didn't stretch enough. Let me know if you try it!


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