Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Growing Green Onions

Inspired by a post over on Handjobs for the Home, I went to work growing my own green onions. And when I say "went to work," I mean that I bought some in the store, cut off the tops, and then put them in a Mason jar. "Work." Pffft.

At first I was skeptical about this small miracle, but it worked! You know what kind of luck I have with plants. So I'm beyond thrilled to welcome some sort of growth into the kitchen!

I sneakily labeled this post "gardening." Heehee.


  1. haha! you're too cute. Hey, if they're growing, it is gardening!
    it is gardening too, even if they're not! good luck with them green onions! are they also called chives?

  2. Cool idea! I didn't realize you could do this :) Thanks!


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