Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reconstructed Skirt

New York is possibly the worst city in the world in which to wear a long skirt. I picture myself tripping over it on the subway stairs, city rats clinging to it as I run from them. I could get caught in a subway door. A homeless man could throw up on it.

Lately I've had a lot of revelations concerning my wardrobe. Due to budget restrictions and general concern about consumer waste, I'm avoiding shopping. I also notice clothes in my closet that I still like, but one or two little things are keeping me from wearing it.

Take this lovely skirt, for example. I must say that I am particularly fond of this skirt because even though it came from Pittsburgh's H&M circa 2005, it took me months to save the money to afford it because I was working for AmeriCorps.

Cue the seam ripper!

I ripped off that bottom ruffle and just redid the hem. Because I didn't want to be a sewing hermit, I took it to the park. Check out my early summer pale leg under there.

Seam rippin' in the park! on Twitpic

Have you ever used one of these blind hem sewing machine feet? I didn't do a blind hem but this little baby came in very handy for keeping my hem edge straight!

Ta da! Skirt one of two:

So now I have this really long ruffle (folded over double here to fit the photo). I'm trying to decide whether to make another skirt out of it, or use it for something else. Ideas?


  1. That might be your early summer pale leg, but it looks like my late summer pale leg!

    I love the change to the skirt. I have a tiered skirt that I might just take a tier off now. Hmmmm...

    Another skirt using the ruffle might be cute. I also might be inclined to use the fabric in smaller rows of ruffles somewhere else. Shirt maybe?

  2. the next time you go sew something awesome in the park, can I come and watch? I'll bring coffee and/or booze!

  3. so that's what you were working on a few days ago! good job on the short skirt, just in time for summer!

    with the other ruffled other half, you could make a summer halter top, make gathers at the top, thread a piece of tie through the gathers (make a casing first) for tying it around your neck! sorry for the awkward phrasing, but i hope u get what i mean!

  4. The new skirt looks great! You could always make a matching clutch with the ruffle.


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