Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ruffle Tee Shirt Necklace

Pinterest has increased my crafty to-do list tenfold since I started pinning. So last night I started knocking out the projects that looked small.

Enter this necklace tutorial from Whipup made from tee shirt remnants.

I'm all about reconstruction projects like this one, especially when they involve tee shirts. So I pulled out my bag of tee shirt scraps and came up with this awesome necklace, based on the Whipup tutorial.

Instead of using the tee shirt neck as a base for decoration, I used it as the base of the entire necklace. I can slip the necklace right over my head just like a tee shirt, without tying annoying knots in the back or messing with closures.

The best part? Minimal sewing! I cut a strip of the tee shirt, loosened the tension on my machine, and did a straight stitch all the way down the strip of fabric. I pulled the thread to give the fabric a ruffle effect, and then sewed the ends of the fabric to the neckline of the tee shirt. The whole necklace took me less than 5 minutes to make.

Closeup of the ruffle!

I see headbands and crazy bib necklaces in my future using this same technique!


  1. This is SO cute, and easy...thank you for sharing!

  2. pinterest is going to lead to my ultimate demise, i know it. can't.stop.pinning.
    i need a pintervention already.
    send help.

  3. Love LOVE Love this necklace! Please join us at Sew Woodsy and link this necklace up! ;)

  4. wow that sounds easy enough to make!


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