Tuesday, May 31, 2011

R.I.P. House Plants

Not even officially summer and I've already done it. The plants are dead.

R.I.P. lil pansies.

R.I.P. unidentified supposedly easy-to-care-for green plant.

R.I.P. wildflowers whose seeds I got from my niece's baby shower. I hope this doesn't put a curse on my niece. Just something really wrong about killing flowers that came from a baby shower.

Thankfully the herb garden is still up and running. I even used some of the chives in my breakfast egg whites on Sunday morning. Sigh. So at least there's that.

Should I try planting these again? I am a little discouraged.


  1. yes try again! i read somewhere the pansies wilt in mid-summer heat maybe that's why? has it been really hot where u are?

  2. They were going downhill long before it got incredibly hot. :(

  3. I 100% feel for you :) Usually I'm an optimist... when it comes to plants, I'm losing the faith!

  4. Pansy's are winter annuals. So they only last a certain amount of time anyway so don't feel bad.

    Seeds are really temperamental so don;t feel bad about those

    Congrats on the herd garden that is a great accomplishment you should be proud:)

    Start you some Pansy's from seed again around the end of summer. I just start mine in a box out in the garden and keep them moist. Then when winter time sets in you can move them into containers or your flower garden.

  5. Meg, you are so wise! Come tend my garden! Someone suggested an African violet to me, as well. I want flowers but... so far that just isn't working out! Thanks for the advice (and encouragement)!

  6. i have the worst luck with all plants. i single-handed killed 6 houseplants last year. I am no longer allowed to tend to them :-(

  7. I can't keep a plant alive at all either. My work plants suffered after I left for 2 weeks without a single thought of watering them. Though a co-worker brought them back to life later, somehow one of my plants started growing mold and then died.

  8. It's possible to bring plants back to life?! I'd love to have that talent. Sigh.


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