Monday, May 9, 2011

Mason Jar Herb Garden

You probably saw (and laughed at) my insane herb garden a few weeks ago. It was out of control, and I finally got a solid piece of advice from a friend: Separate those herbs! They're crawling all over each other!

Fate stepped in when I saw a how-to on The CSI Project for spray painting Mason jars and using them as planters.

I have an overwhelming amount of Mason jars because my parents bring canned tomatoes from their Kentucky garden at the end of every summer. My hoarding instincts told me to save them.

Not the most beautiful colors for spring, but I work with what I've got. I had spray paint hanging around from the breakfast costumes I made for the TODAY show at Halloween, thus the bacon-red color. The copper spray paint was from a necklace how-to I did over on the Martha Stewart Crafts Department blog.

Separating the herbs was not fun. They crumbled, and I thought I lost a lot of them at first. But in the end, they all found happy homes. I even kept two of them together in the original pot so they could make chive-basil babies.

Let's hope that mine do not die now that they are separated...


  1. What a cute idea! You're well beyond my skill level of black-thumb gardening - I'm always way too nervous to separate anything... which of course is probably why my plants die...

    I love love fresh basil - that usually does ok for me though by the end of the summer it's looking less than appetizing. Looking forward to more updates on how the little chive-basil babies are doing :)

  2. I want to do this SO bad but my cats destroy everything near the windows :(

  3. @Katrina, I am usually not very brave when it comes to gardening, but this year a lot of people gifted me seeds and planters, so it was worth a shot!

    @Nikki, Can't you put the herbs on a shelf or something? Don't let the cats control you!

  4. good call on the mason jars!

    you should run a search on Etsy for vintage planters, there are some awesome ones out there that i love!!!

    keep updating please! and im sad you don't have a blogger follower thing, i try to keep up with a gazillion blogs using that so i know when people update. no matter, i'll put u on my blog list!

  5. @punkychewster, the following thing is on the right nav now! (You're not the first to ask me for that. :))

    I never spent money on planters before because I just assumed the plant would die, but these babies are working out, so maybe I'll change my mind!


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