Friday, May 27, 2011

First Quilting Project

Every month, lovely ladies Becky and Rachel from Singer sewing machines come to the Martha Stewart offices to teach sewing classes to Martha's employees.

I'm a regular in these classes, and it's not just because they bring wine. The projects take less than 2 hours, and it's handy to have Becky there guiding me through each step. My sewing has improved so much since I started taking the classes.

In this month's class, we made a quilted cosmetic bag. Here's mine:

I heard the word "quilted" and I freaked a little. What scares me most about quilting is the precision needed in cutting and sewing. I lack this precision in most of my work, which is why I've been staring at pieces of a wide-brim hat for a year. (The crown and brim are not matching up...eeesh.)

Thankfully the cosmetic bag was basic quilting. The only requirement was stitching in the ditch, a new term I learned that basically just means stitching along the seams.

Becky told us that a newbie sewer once said to her: "So, quilting is basically buying a bunch of fabric, cutting it up, and then piecing it all back together again?" Yep. But the finished product feels sooo good!

If you have quilting stories (good or bad), I'd love to hear them. I need motivation to try another quilting project!


  1. i am terrible at both cutting and measuring. quilting scares me to death. haha.

  2. ditto! i haven't tried quilting. i have tried the free quilting arm on my sewing machine though. SCARY! but can be quite fun with practice. And that's what we need to do i guess. PRACTICE!!! you've started, now just keep it up! YAY! good job!

  3. get to sew at work? Expect my resume coming your way soon! Just kidding. No seriously. It's coming.

  4. We sew AFTER work -- if that makes it any less awesome. Probably not.


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