Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Fall and Winter Lace Shawl

I stored this shawl kit in a drawer for about two years, picking it up and putting it away again during that entire time. This is one of those projects that looks beautiful when it's finished, but there was a lot of sweat and complaining going on while I was knitting it.

I started to sort of dread working on it, which makes me think perhaps I should stay away from lace knits in the future. But ahhh, isn't it pretty?

Pattern: Fall/Winter Shawl by KnitPicks
Yarn: Alpaca Cloud Lace Yarn

Here are some things you might need to know about my completion of this shawl:

  • I bought the shawl at the local Anything Fiber sale at a huge discount, thinking this was a brilliant idea. (I'm still not sure if it was.)
  • I cast on and ripped out the shawl about five times when starting the first few rows of the chart.
  • I cast on and ripped out the shawl once or twice to steal the needle it was on. (Hey, I didn't know what row I was on anyway, so did it really matter?)
  • Once I got going, I complained throughout the entire project. Just ask my knitting group.
  • I considered just randomly binding off in one section because I was so over it, but stopped myself when I realized I would probably never use this yarn for anything else.

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