Saturday, December 9, 2017

Knit Commonwealth Snowflake Sweater

I always set these ridiculous deadlines for myself, and then the deadline doesn't matter anyway because I don't wear the actual finished project. That was the case with this beautiful knit Commonwealth Sweater.

I wanted to finish this sweater in time to wear it last Thanksgiving. (Yep, I'm posting this more than a year later.) I did finish it, but when Thanksgiving rolled around it was about 65 degrees outside. That plus packing about 18 people into our house = sweaty guests and hosts, so I didn't wear the sweater.

Pattern: Commonwealth Sweater by Kiri FitzGerald-Hillier
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn DK Merino Superwash in Green Lake

I used the exact same yarn called for in the pattern because, first of all, Plymouth! Their yarn is amazing. Secondly, this color is just called out for redheads.

I took these photos before blocking, so those bumps around the snowflakes went away later.

My one fear when looking at the photos for this sweater is that the neck would hang off me. I already have shoulder fit issues, and I was worried that even with making a smaller bust size than usual, I would have problems.

The sweater fit ok when I first put it on, but I felt like I was constantly tugging at the neckline to pull it up. It kept falling off my shoulders. Maybe I cast on too loosely? So I used a tapestry needle to weave a strand of yarn through the neckline and tighten it up a little.

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  1. BEAUTIULLY knitted ! Yes, one can see that the neckline would prove troublesome to any neck: odd that the pattern had it so wide ...
    A shot of you wearing it, mebbe ? :)


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