Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dad's 2017 Knit Christmas Socks

Since last Christmas, Dad has been hinting around that he wants another pair of hand knit socks. According to my mom, he has been wearing the first pair I made him nonstop and even has a hole in the heel. Now THAT is a compliment!

Dad doesn't get online much, so I present this year's socks for him before I wrap 'em up.

Pattern: Mount Airy Socks by Mary Lukas
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Reflecting Pool

This is the same pattern I used for Alex's Ernie-sweater socks. I really love this pattern, especially with a beautiful solid color like this one.

Did you notice that the diagonal lines go in different directions on the socks? I think that's a nice little touch. My dad probably won't notice, but that's fine as long as he's wearing holes and showing all his hand knit socks some love. :)

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