Saturday, November 21, 2015

Family Tree Embroidery Wedding Gift + Kitty Cuteness

Alex and I have been to a lot of weddings this year, but I only crafted a handmade gift for one of them. Sorry, all you other married people, but Kristen was the only one who asked me to be a bridesmaid and therefore earned her DIY gift.

You have to be careful who you give DIY gifts too, because some people would rather get a toaster than a handmade gift. They will spit on your handmade goodness, even though it took you hours and hours to make it. I knew this was not the case with Kristen and Rob.

Pattern: Custom Family Tree Embroidery Pattern by Cozyblue

I carried this embroidery around all summer. It came to a few craft nights at Blackberg Creative Studios, some breweries, and even an Asheville Tourists baseball game. This embroidery has seen it all. It even saw the 80s classic Summer Rental starring John Candy, which I totally watched one weekend while I worked on it.

It's not an embroidery post without the back of the work photo:

I like this design because it's so open to your own interpretation. I varied the browns of the tree, as well as the thickness and the length of the back stitches.

The satin stitch near the outside of the tree was probably the most time consuming, but it's also my favorite part of the design.

The design traditionally has kids' names on the leaves, but since Rob and Kristen do not have human children, I put their feline children's names instead. Here are the special kitties whose names appear on the embroidery. Clearly, they know how to have a good time. (Evil Kitty would rip my eyes out if I tried to put one of these on her head.)

Have you ever made a handmade wedding gift? I have more weddings to go to next year, so gift ideas are appreciated!


  1. This is really nice! I love the design a lot! I have only made quilts as wedding gifts, but the people I have given those to have also all been family and I knew that would appreciate them. As shower gifts, I have given a Noodlehead divided basket and then filled it with embellished dishtowels, pre-made linen-ish napkins with an appliqué added, some glass pyrex dishes with lids (on their list) and then a his/hers to-do list notepad.

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