Thursday, December 10, 2015

Quick DIY Glitter Pine Cone Mason Jar Centerpieces

Tis the season for glitter and pine cones! I love both of those things, don't you?

I've been working on holiday DIYs lately that take days and even weeks. These holiday DIYs are eating up my time, and eating up my money. So I was in the mood for a DIY that I could do in one day for free.

Our yard is littered with pine cones this time of year, so Alex and I spent a few minutes gathering them to make this festive glitter pine cone mason jar centerpiece.

You can use practically any spraypaint or glitter spray for the project. These are the ones I used:
You'll also need:
  • A box
  • Pine cones
  • Mason jars

1. Gather pine cones from your yard or buy them if you can't seem to find them on the ground.

2. Toss all the pine cones in a box, then spray paint them. You can do them in groups if you want your pine cones to be different colors, but we just threw all of them into the same box and went crazy with the different colors.

3. Allow the pine cones to dry.

4. Place the pine cones in mason jars and seal them. You can add a pretty bow, if you'd like. (I didn't, because that would take extra time and I was not feeling ambitious.)

We made this as a centerpiece for our table, but they also look pretty in windows when the sun shines on the glitter.

Have you made any holiday decor this year?

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