Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Will It Go Round in Circles: Spinning Yarn

Last Saturday, Haywood Community College hosted a free community craft day to preview some of their classes in continuing education. The free classes ranged from making bracelets to quilting a pillow, but I decided to choose something entirely different that I'd never tried before. Fiber spinning!

I walked out of the class with a two-ply and single-ply yarn spun from Romney wool. (Nothing to do with Mitt Romney, though I do hear his home state is a great place to raise sheep.)

Fiber spinning isn't the most accessible craft to try, especially since the wheels can cost around $600. And let me tell ya, spinning is difficult. The class lasted about 3 hours and by the end of it, I was just starting to get in a rhythm. (My finished yarn was far from perfect, as you can see.)

As a knitter, crocheter, and yarn hoarder, it was nice to see the work that goes into spinning by hand. I also got a better understanding of plies, fibers, and all the technicalities of yarn.

I don't think it would benefit me, financially or otherwise, to buy a wheel and spin my own yarn, which makes me wonder: why do spinners choose to spin?


  1. I thought I wanted to learn how to make cold process soap, too, until I realized that I would have to buy so many supplies and I don't have the space for all of that.

    I guess that spinners choose to spin so that they can make so sort of combo that they are not able to find in the shops?

  2. You're always game to try something new. i love your spirit! If I had the chance, I would love to learn weaving on a loom!


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