Thursday, March 7, 2013

Patterned Fabric Coasters

Since moving to Asheville, I've acquired some nicer furniture than the IKEA setup I had in Brooklyn. One of those pieces is a dining room table I bought when I lived in Pittsburgh.

My mom refurbished it for me and it's quite beautiful. This means I can no longer use craft knives at the table, cut fabric, and leave drinks. No, that was crazy Brooklyn Ashley. Now that I'm sophisticated (teehee), I use coasters.

I took the materials for these straight outta my fabric stash. They're reversible, and I lined them with some quilt batting scraps I had. I think I see place mats in my future, too.

Have you ever sewn any functional home d├ęcor? There's a lot more fabric where this came from!

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  1. Younger me would think that current me is so lame for being jealous of the need to use these cute coasters, but holy crap you have a grownup table! I want to be an adult with a real table too. Our table has a crack in the middle that catches all of our crumbs. Classy.


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