Monday, March 18, 2013

Reversible Amy Butler Swing Bag

Many years ago, my friend Danara sent me a crafty gal's Christmas present dream: a package full of fabric and an Amy Butler swing bag pattern.

I'm ashamed to say that up until this week, I hadn't touched anything in the package. Now that I'm freelancing and no longer living in fall-into-bed-unconscious-because-I'm-so-exhausted NYC, I'm finding that I have time to do a lot more projects than before.

I bought this Melody Miller typewriter fabric a long time ago and originally planned on making a skirt out of it. (My friend Haley at  The Zen of Making made a really awesome dress with the same print in a different color.) For the reverse side, I used some Amy Butler fabric I already had in my stash that my friend Jessica gave me.

I think the magic of the bag is that between the pattern and the fabric, it represents two of my very dear (and crafty) friends. I'll think of them every time I carry it -- which will probably be every day.

Do you have crafts or supplies that remind you of friends or family?


  1. That typewriter pattern is so ridiculously cute!

  2. This bag is amazing!!! Love the fabric, too!