Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crochet (Possibly Old Lady) Ruffled Collar

When I saw this Crochet Ruffled Collar designed by Drew Emborsky, The Crochet Dude on Simplicity, I thought it would look good over solid-colored shirts.
Naturally, I had to take a shortcut. Instead of working the collar with crochet thread doubled as the pattern suggested, I dug into my yarn stash and used a lightweight cotton yarn.

Because I cheated on the yarn substitution, my collar turned out a little larger than I intended. And, is it me, or did I make it look tacky-old-woman instead of trendy-awesome?

What do you think? Am I gonna look like an old lady if I try to wear this?

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  1. this is interesting... I think we need a modeled photo! I'm sure with the right combination of clothes, it would look very trendy.


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