Friday, February 22, 2013

Crochet Toddler Cleire Cardigan

During Hurricane Sandy, I uploaded an in-progress shot of this cardi on Instagram. Because I was trapped inside for days, I actually completed it in time to give it to my niece for Christmas.

Why isn't there a photo of your niece wearing this, you ask? She's not a fan of clothes these days, and by the time  you get her to put one article of clothing on, she's stripped off three other things (including her diaper) and is running around screaming, "Nakie!"

After trying this on her, I replaced the buttons with larger, flower-shaped ones because these kept slipping through the buttonholes too easily.

The pattern for this came from Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Babies & Toddlers. It worked up fairly quickly, and I love that it looks a bit like a little swing coat on her. The tricky part is when to wear it. It's not heavy, but it's not ideal for hot weather either. I think my sister-in-law will end up pairing this with a long-sleeve tee shirt underneath for transitional spring and fall weather.

Have you made any baby or toddler clothes? How was the fit?


  1. I have knitted a couple of cardigan in a similar style for my 2 year old. I always make them too long so they have the "swing coat" style but then they still fit when she grows taller. And I often do short or elbow length sleeves as it is less obvious if they are a bit too short!

    1. YES, that's the thing I hate about making baby clothes. All that work, and they grow out of them the next year! Smart move making them longer. I'll have to try that from now on.


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