Monday, January 9, 2012

Knit Mohawk Hat

Every time I make a hat for my niece, my nephew wears it more than she does. Be it pumpkin, watermelon, or cupcake, he loves hats.

For his 3rd birthday, his mom suggested a mohawk hat.

What I used to make the hat: I knitted a basic black hat with wool and knitted a strip of Lion Brand Fun Fur on top.

I wish the mohawk could've been all green (there was some pink in there!), but that's ok. If I made this again, I'd use a Fun Fur that was a little less Easter egg-y in color.

My mom emailed this photo of him wearing the hat at the town Christmas parade. (After the parade, he wore the hat to a petting zoo. Can you imagine what the sheep thought of the hat?)

What's your favorite toddler hat? I'm always looking for new kid hat ideas!


  1. That is the best hat ever. I am jealous! What a stylish 3 year old ;)

  2. haha so cute! it also looks like there is a fuzzy snake/caterpillar on his head. maybe you can make book character hats, like the hungry caterpillar.


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