Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crafty New Year's Resolutions

It's the time of year that I and so many others look around and think, whoa boy. My life is a mess.

The holidays were awesome. I came back to Brooklyn with some fun new gifts like a slow-cooker, a ukulele, rain boots, and some craft books. I also hung out with my two favorite kiddos, my niece and nephew. (Our photo was even on Martha Stewart's blog of employee photos!)

Now that the good times are temporarily over, it's time to get down to business. Here are a few craft-related resolutions I've made.

1. Finish what I start.There's a Burda dress that's been crumpled up on my sewing table since last May. All that's left to do is put in the invisible zipper and hem it. But zippers suck! So I just let it sit there. This summer, I will wear this dress, provided I shed the giant cheeseball that's currently sitting beneath my ribs.

I don't even want to go into the plethora of unfinished knitting projects. Let's just say this will be a huge challenge for me.

2. Sew some of the patterns I bought last year.
The Burda dress isn't the only project suffering. I bought some lovely Colette patterns last year, and I did not start any of them. I have fabric. I have patterns. I have hands and scissors and a sewing machine and all the things required to make the dress.

3. Purge and organize the craft stash.
My craft closet is crazy. I have so much stuff crammed in there that I'm probably never going to use. I have jewelry supplies from a class I took at the Fashion Institute that I'm never going to use again. I have glitter, scraps, and maybe even some animals living in there. Who really knows at this point?

4. Take better photographs.
A brief heart-to-heart about blog images with Haley from The Zen of Making raised a red flag. Work-life balance is difficult, and I put minimal effort into styling and images. I'm often snapping photos right before I run out the door to go to work. I sporadically work on projects, never taking proper how-to images.

This year, I'd like to improve my images. My mom gave me a new camera for Christmas, so now I just have to crack the whip and force myself to take my time instead of throwing up something I'm not proud of. So what if I'm a few minutes late for work? Heh heh.

Do you have any crafty resolutions? I'd love to hear them (and possibly add them to my list)!


  1. Adorable picture of you & your favorite kiddos! You're now the second person I know that received a ukulele for Christmas :)

    Let's see... some of my personal crafty goals for this year involve better organization for my office/craft room - right now it's a bit of a mishmash after the holidays. I also want to simplify - choose only projects that really inspire me & see them through to the very end (ahem, getting the finished art framed, gifting the item, etc).

    The crockpot is a pretty awesome gift - I love mine for stews!

  2. oh gosh! do you know how to play the ukelele? if you move here, you MUST teach me how to play it. i have the right sized hands for a uke instead of the guitar

    and after reading your crafty resolutions, i think i have to say #1,2,3,4 apply to me as well. Must. try. to. use. existing. supplies! i'm so bad at buying new stuff... :p

  3. Ditto on sewing the patterns that I bought last year. I have a whole stack just sitting here staring at me.

  4. Oooh, these are some great ones! I agree with the sewing patterns resolution. I'm also going to try to actually sew some projects from all these lovely books I love to collect. :) And sew from my stash--and keep it somewhat organized. Thanks for linking up at Craft Buds!


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