Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Knit Rizzo Vintage-Style Sweater

 I did a little bit of knitting over the summer, and this is a pattern that I'd had on my list for a while. It seemed perfect for warm weather because it is light and doesn't have big sleeves that would drape over my lap and make me sweaty. I was even able to work on this outside when it was pretty hot.

I still haven't had an opportunity to wear it, but I'm hopeful that spring will bring more outings--even if we are still stuck wearing masks.

Pattern: Rizzo by POISON GRRLS

I made only one modification, and that was to extend the body length. Cropped sweaters are really cute, but I just can't pull them off, and part of the reason is because my bust pulls cropped sweaters up even more. I am not comfortable in them, and in fact I usually end up extending the body length on my regular pullovers, too.

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