Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Christmas and ChristmaHanukkah Stockings

For several years now, I've been saying I want to knit stockings for Alex and me. This year, I had zero excuses for not knitting them, and I even started on them back in the summer.

The stocking was always one of my favorite parts of Christmas as a kid. My brother and I had red and white stockings, and Mom added our names with felt letters at the top. They were filled with our favorite candy (Reese's was our #1), and lots of fun little gifts like card games, a CD, and a movie. It was so fun to dump all the contents on the floor and dig through it.

These are going to look so pretty hanging by our fireplace!

Pattern: KAB Christmas Stocking by ChemKnits
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore D.K. in Red, Christmas Green, Blue, and White

Alex loves dinosaurs and bass, so this one was perfect for him. He asked for a blue and white color scheme for Hanukkah colors. This pattern is awesome because it mixes so many different things: stars, Space Invaders, dinosaurs, music.

Pattern: Arlo's Christmas Stocking by Antje Karl (Free pattern!)

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted in Christmas Green and White

I wanted something more Scandinavian inspired for my stocking. I'm not a big fan of Christmas red, so I went with a green and white color combo. I really love the back of this pattern. It looks like pretty little icicles.


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