Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Epic Fail: Men's Knit Boatyard Pullover Sweater

Sometimes projects don't work out the way we think they will. That's the case with my latest sweater that I knit for Alex.

Pattern: Boatyard Pullover by Hannah Fettig from Texture
Yarn: Berroco Remix in 3972 Fern

This pattern is lovely, but I don't think the yarn I chose pairs well with it. The idea for all of Alex's sweaters is that it's a yarn we can wash in the machine, but maybe dry flat.

This yarn is washable and the color was so nice, but it has some cotton in it that causes the sweater to stretch out and lose its shape quickly. It kind of pulls on the sweater and leaves it hanging weird in some places.

I should've known better. Famous last words.

Wool is springy, of course, and retains its shape better. I think if the yarn had more wool in its fiber content, maybe it could overpower the cotton. Sigh. From now on, I'm staying away from yarns that have a lot of cotton unless it's for a really light garment like a summer tee.

The worst part is that I knit this sweater two times. The first time I knit it, it was way too big. I didn't pause to think that it was because the cotton was affecting the drape. Instead, I just knit it again in a smaller size.

I'm filing this one under Knitting Lessons Learned. I'm so mad that I didn't think much about the fiber content to avoid this.

Have you ever been disappointed by a yarn and how it turned out when you stitched it? This sweater makes me so sad!

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