Saturday, February 6, 2016

Waterspout Knit Lace Shawl

A few weeks ago when we had 14" of snow, giving me the chance to finish this pretty shawl.

The photo above is actually a double-DIY, since I'm wearing my Colette Moneta Dress with the shawl. It's a super comfy knit dress that I made using fabric my mom gave me and the serger Alex bought me for my birthday. (More on that later!)

Anyway, back to the Waterspout Shawl.

Pattern: Waterspout Shawl by Anna Dalvi, from My First Lace Shawl Craftsy class

I lost my way just a bit on the left side of the pattern, so my purls on the right side are not centered the way they're supposed to be. I didn't use any lifelines because I was lazy, and I didn't discover the mistake until later so I just let it go.

I loved this pattern, but the charts were killer on my eyes. To help with that, I used washi tape to help guide me. Washi tape is awesome for charts because you can stick it, then un-stick it and move it to the next row.

If you've never knit lace before, I highly recommend the My First Lace Shawl class because Anna Dalvi walks you through each step. The class is even a great refresher for knitters like me who haven't knit lace in a while -- though clearly I didn't follow all of Anna's advice since I messed up my design!

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