Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cuddly-Cute Crochet Ripple Blankets

Last fall, a friend commissioned me to make Christmas presents for her two little ones. The result: two cuddly-cute blankets in the kiddos' favorite colors.

I miraculously finished both before Christmas, and our friend sent sweet photos not long after to show us how the kids were enjoying the blanket. I love knowing that these blankets are being smothered in sticky popcorn-butter hands while the kids watch movies. (Thank goodness they're washable.)

Pattern: Red Heart Rock Your Baby Blanket (FREE pattern)
Yarn: Red Heart Soft in Guacamole and Gray and Bernat Satin in Soft Fern (green blanket); Red Heart Soft in Plummy and Gray and Bernat Satin in Lavender (purple blanket)

At first I struggled with counting stitches and memorizing the pattern, but halfway through the first blanket I started to finally get the hang of it. There are so many different color combinations you could use for these and even though they're designed as baby blankets, I think they'd look work great as a throw for an adult, too.

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