Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Crafts for the New Year + Top Instagram of 2015

My top nine Instagram photos from 2015

Funny. My most popular Instagram posts in 2015 also happen to be some of my favorites from last year. (Well except for one. You don't even want to know what happened with that sweater in the bottom middle. More on that when I stop crying.)

Every year I make the same crafty resolutions: 1) I will not buy any new craft supplies until I use up most of what is in my stash. 2) I will not begin a new project until I finish the UFOs.

This never happens. Example: 

January 1, 2016. Me: I will finish these UFOs before I begin a new project.
January 4, 2016: Me: Oops, I started a new project.

I can't hold myself back. And, other than that silly little thing some people call a "budget," why should I? Why do we feel guilty about hoarding yarn and having ten projects going at once? It's the creativity that makes me happy, not the finished project.

So instead of forcing myself to stick to resolutions that I hate, I'm going to make a list of random things I want to craft/try in 2016:

1. Brioche Knitting

This is a knitting technique that I've always admired but never tried. I dig the patterns in Craftsy's Brioche Knitting Made Easy because they're super modern. (Plus it doesn't hurt that there's a class to show you how to make them in case you get stuck.)

2. Short-Row Shawls

I spotted this short-row shawl on Craftsy. I love the possible color combinations for the shawl, plus the different stitches that are involved. I know about the wrap and turn short row technique, as well as the Japanese short rows. But this shawl uses the German technique, which I haven't yet tried.

3. Loom Weaving 

Yessss, I need more home decor even though our walls are filling up fast. I started watching this Weaving for Beginners class on Creativebug, and I even went as far as to build and warp the loom. I'd love to finish it this year. Bonus: It's really good for using up yarn scraps.

4. Using a Serger

For my birthday in December, Alex said he'd buy me a serger. He wanted me to pick out the one I like, so I'm excited to do that and to learn how to use it. Goodbye, finishing seams on the sewing machine!

5. Sugar Skull Cross Stitch

This is a photo of the sugar skull cross stitch project I started last fall. Coincidentally, this is how the sugar skull still looks today. I haven't touched it, but I'd love to finish it. This project is kind of like Mick Jagger: It hurts my eyes, but it's so cool!

What kind of crafty stuff are you up to in the new year? Any new techniques you want to try?

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  1. You will enjoy the Brioche knitting class. Mercedes Tarosovitch- Clark does an excellent job teaching this technique! I have embraced this new to me knitting technique! After ripping out my first beanie two times I ended up making 8 for Christmas gifts and then learned two color brioche and have given away 2 mitre. I will make one for myself but I'm making a brioche blanket to donate to a worthy cause: 67 blankets for Nelson Mandela. This is a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and it needs to be finished before July!


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