Monday, January 18, 2016

6 Patterns to Sew in 2016

I have a lot of sewing patterns and a lot of fabric. They look sad and lonely in storage, so this year I'd like to put them to work in my wardrobe.

This list was inspired by my recent purchase of a new serger -- Alex's birthday gift to me from December. The serger will be here sometime next week, so in preparation I'm cutting out a lot of patterns (mostly skirts so far) so that I can finish those seams when the serger comes.

All of these sewing patterns are dresses except for one lonely shirt. Dresses seem to be what I sew the most, and also what I wear the most. The crazy part is that I own all of these sewing patterns except for one, and I even have fabric for most of them. Here's my wishlist for what I'd like to sew this year:

Clockwise from top left: B6284: A vintage-inspired dress from Gertie; Colette Moneta: I have a nice plum knit fabric that would be perfect for this!; M7086: A pattern from circa 1963. I bought fabric for this one at Blackberg Creative Studios during a holiday sale; V2903: I've procrastinated on this one because it requires about 7 yards of fabric. But look at that beautiful skirt!; Fancy Tiger Crafts Sailor Top: I have a nice Liberty of London print that I've been hoarding for years that will work nicely for this one; M6886: This one's from a Craftsy kit I bought last year. The serger will be awesome for this!

What's on your to-sew list for this year?

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