Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Make Your Own Lip Balm in Less Than 15 Minutes

I hoard lip balm apocalypse-style, so when Anne-Marie of Bramble Berry contacted me about trying out a lip balm kit, I immediately said yes.

I tested the basic lip balm kit, which came with everything I needed to make 24 heart- and daisy-shaped containers full of balm.

I procrastinated making the balm for a long time (typical of me) and kicked myself when it took less than fifteen minutes to actually prep and pour the balm. About five of those minutes were consumed by me digging in the cabinet for a microwave-safe bowl.

In the past I'd always wanted to make lip balm, but figuring out what I needed and where to get it always stopped me from even considering lip balm as a project. This kit took all the guesswork out of that, making it perfect for crafters who want to try something new but don't have a lot of time to research supplies.

Photo via Bramble Berry
The lip balm base in the kit means there aren't too many ingredients to mix up. My favorite part was deciding how much coral mica powder to mix in to get the exact color I wanted. Smelling that cucumber melon oil while I worked was pretty sweet, too.

I plan to make even more lip balm pots and giving them out as birthday gifts for the rest of the year. I'm even sharing some of the crafty love with my family. I saved some of the supplies so that my 10 year-old cousin could try it out later, too. She was super excited about making her own lip balm and giving it to her friends. I would totally make this a slumber-party craft if it were still acceptable for me to have slumber parties.

Wanna make your own? Grab the lip balm kit from Bramble Berry to get everything you need.


  1. It is still acceptable to have slumber parties. Finding the people who agree and are willing to come may be a challenge though. I'm not sure why folks think they can't do fun stuff like that after their 30.

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