Thursday, February 27, 2014

An Easy Felt Heart Garland

The week before Valentine's Day, I spent a freezing cold Saturday with Darned Ideas at Foundry, one of the most awesome stores in Asheville. Yeah, yeah, this craft involves felt hearts. But who says we can only craft with hearts on Valentine's Day? Not this gal.

The unbelievably adorable heart garland was made using upcycled bed sheets and felt. Simple! It came together easily, too, with just a few colorful running stitches to seam them up. Pinking shears gave them a nice little border.

I didn't finish my garland at the crafternoon, but because I sewed the hearts together using a running stitch, it was the perfect craft to make while watching TV. (I'm currently addicted to Scandal. You?)

I turned this little heart into a magnet for my fridge by just hot gluing a magnet to the back.

I hope you believe in crafting hearts year round, too!


  1. i haven't yet seen scandal, but these hearts are very cute! i love garlands : )

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