Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twirly Circle Skirts

Every time I see a circle skirt, I want to squeal, "Weeeee!"

I found this circle skirt in a closet at my parents' house, half sewn and wadded up in a plastic Joanns bag. The pattern came from one of those panels you can buy, where you cut on the dotted line, then follow the too-simple instructions printed right on the panel.

I bought the panel when I lived outside Pittsburgh as an AmeriCorps volunteer and spent what little money I made at Joanns. (I know. Sad.) I cut out the skirt and sewed the side seams, but never bothered to do anything else. So I pulled that sucka out of the bag and finished it.

Have you ever hemmed a circle skirt? It goes on forever -- which I suppose is the point in calling it a circle skirt. And coincidentally, The Coletterie just blogged about how to hem a curved edge with a machine. Too bad I already hemmed mine.

In honor of my resurrected circle skirt, here are a couple of my other favorite circle skirt tutorials.

Embroidered Circle Skirt
As if circle skirts weren't already amazing, this one has embroidery on it! The tutorial is for a kids size, but adults could easily adapt the tutorial for their own size.

Eyelet Circle Skirt
I'm a sucker for eyelet. This one's meant to be worn with leggings, but I'd just line it instead.

Linen Circle Skirt
I never thought of circle skirts as dressy until I saw this one. There are also some really good diagrams on here to help you understand the anatomy of a circle skirt when you're making your own.

Elastic? Magic words! I'll take it! I like the contrast of the colors on this one, too. And the shoes. And the purple shirt. I'll take it all!

The always lovely -- and always inspirational -- Mena made this skirt for the Sew Weekly circle skirt challenge. You can also browse dozens of other pretty circle skirts from the challenge.

Have you ever made a circle skirt? Any tricks for hemming that eternal edge?

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  1. *squeeeeeeeeeeee* That fabric is perfect for a twirly circle skirt! I've made one before, i need to dig it out to wear it again because summer is here!!!

  2. i've made them for kids a long time ago.i remember having a hard time with the hems.i'll check out the links :)

  3. so beautiful


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