Monday, June 24, 2013

A Vintage Singer Sewing Cabinet

Since upgrading from a shoebox NYC apartment to this NC palace, I've brought in a lot of furniture that I could never fit (or even transport) to NY. This sewing cabinet that belonged to my grandmother is one such piece.

I remember this sewing cabinet well from my grandparents' house. I was never allowed to use the sewing machine that was inside of it, but I was allowed to sit beside my grandmother and hand stitch while she used it. She sewed a lot of things for me using this cabinet, from a pretty green jewel-toned cape to doll clothes.

This sewing cabinet even around when my mom was a kid. My mom said this was her favorite drawer because it was so small and kind of hidden. And she's right -- it wasn't completely obvious to me that it was a drawer when I first looked at it.

My favorite part of the cabinet is the legs. Aren't they beautiful?

My grandmother's machine was once inside this part of the cabinet. My mom removed it for repair, and I've decided I'll just leave the lid closed and keep my Viking right on top of the lid.

Having this in my apartment must inspire me because the day I put it in my sewing room, I stayed up until 2 a.m. cutting out new sewing projects. It feels like a little part of my grandmother is right here with me, except I'm not quite as good at sewing as she was. Someday...


  1. how nice to have a family heirloom with so many great memories!
    the cabinet is so pretty~they just don't make them like they used to :)

  2. I bet your grandma would be so happy to know that you are really using it. I see sewing cabinets at thrift stores all the time and it makes me a little sad to think that most of them probably won't ever hold sewing machines again.


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