Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mohair Toddler Tutu

As an unmarried, non-preggers gal, I feel a little strange having a book called What to Knit When You're Expecting on my shelf. But man oh man, when I saw this mohair tutu, I knew I had to make one for my niece's 2nd birthday.

The patterns in the book are only sized up to 6 months, so I had to do some fancy math to make it the size I needed for my niece. (Don't you hate it when teachers are right and you actually have to use math for something you need? Bleh.)

I made a few changes to the pattern -- changes to suit my new I-don't-know-when-I'll-get-paid freelancer lifestyle. I only knit one layer instead of two, mostly because I really wanted to use the Debbie Bliss Angel yarn, but I couldn't afford to get enough balls to make two layers. I also pulled a plain cotton yarn from my stash instead of buying new yarn to make that teensy little waist.

The only problem: I'm not sure what my niece should wear this with. Should she go full-on ballerina and wear a white leotard? Or is there another option?

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