Monday, April 22, 2013

Knitting Posts on Craftsy

Remember how I told Martha Stewart to take my job and shove it a few months ago? (Just kidding. I didn't have the balls to do that. We're still friends. See? I linked to her website!) But I did leave the MS empire to be a full-time freelance craft writer/editor.

My lips are zipped regarding a lot of the projects I'm working on now. But one I can share is writing knitting posts over on Craftsy's blog. The latest one is about how to knit in seed stitch, and there are gonna be many others to follow.

Craftsy, if you don't know, is an educational craft site with amazing instructors. Courses and workshops are taught via video. You pay for the class and the videos are yours forever, plus you have access to the instructors so you can ask questions. It's a craft site I've always been a fan of, so it's really awesome to be working with them.

Have you ever taken a class online? Was it helpful?


  1. ill take your old job please!!! congrats on your new ventures.
    -Rachel w k

  2. like


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