Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cherry Blossom-Themed DC Trip

A few weeks ago, I felt like the earth was literally pulling me south. It was still cold in NYC, and I was feeling uninspired and just -- blah. So I went to Washington, DC.

My first order of business was to make a new tote. I got a canvas Baggu (on sale!) and used my printer and a craft knife to add iron-on cherry blossoms. Instant spring, yeah?

I hung out with good friends, staying in a house with a 24/7 built-in party. My friend Jess was awesome enough to do a full National Cherry Blossom Festival weekend with me, too. I absorbed enough inspiration to last me a few more months, or at least until my next trip south.

The Textile Museum had a really inspiring project called the Wishing Tree. A basket near the garden entrance held fabric strips that had wishes on them, and visitors could choose one to hang on the tree with all the other wishes. I chose one that said, "I wish everything will be just perfect." And then I tied that unrealistic wish right onto the tree while wearing my big sunglasses. (They wouldn't let me take photos inside, but you can see a lot of good images on their site.)

The Japanese flower arranging exhibit at the National Arboreum was also inspiring, although we didn't enjoy the bees swarming our heads outside.

What inspires you when you're in a creative funk?


  1. i could certainly donate all my fabric scraps to that wishing tree! Hmm... maybe i'll pass this idea onto the kids museum i worked at, and come up with something for them kiddos!

    Come further south!!! xoxo

  2. I love the cherry blossoms! It's one of the best parts of the DC area. The tree is a cool idea. Awesome sunglasses.


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