Sunday, April 22, 2012

Etsy Terrarium Workshop

My lovely Etsy terrarium, in a fishbowl I found in the giveaway bin at work

Making a terrarium is one of those things that's been on my to-do list for a while, but for various reasons (money, laziness) I never got around to it. A few weeks ago, Etsy Labs hosted Hands-On: Dirt, where Etsians like my friend Lynn and I could talk to CSA representatives, check out a vertical garden system, create seed bombs, and make terrariums.

I have a traumatic history with plants (see last summer's blog post dedicated to dead plants), so I'm excited to have a low-maintenance terrarium hanging out in my apartment.

As soon as I got home from the Etsy workshop, I signed up for the CSA (community-supported agriculture) in my neighborhood. This summer's gonna be all about fresh fruits and veggies, plus plants that will not die!

Lynn, showing her terrarium who's boss

The workstation, full of moss and other fun greenery. Is it weird that I wanted to roll around in it?

Lynn's terrarium in a cup

The photo booth is a must at every Etsy event!

Do you have any planting planned for summer?


  1. A friend and I have actually already planned to make terrariums this summer! I can hardly wait! I've been scouting out different shops on Etsy that have a variety of things for my terrarium. Now, I just need to start slowly purchasing the things that I can get ahead of time.

  2. This looks so fun! How do you get it on these events?


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